Chinese Grade School

content-school-17Division I  Grades 1, 2, 3

The division I local program is holistically structured under the curriculum of Jiangsu province and its course standards. It aims to provide a learning experience combining the approach of an international education with the subject knowledge of Chinese education. Students in division I are experiencing a rapid development in visualized learning, yet their learning habits are quite similar to the kindergarten students in terms of purposeful planning, sustainability, and generating summarizations. They tend to be attracted to new and interesting things, and their attention span is relatively short compared to older students. Therefore, the division I local program integrates modern technology into the educational process, and emphasizes the interaction between teachers and students during teaching. The approach aims to develop a positive and independent learning attitude in our students. Classes are student-centred. In response to the strong curiosity of the students in division I, each lesson is planned to stimulate students’ interests and their eagerness to investigate. Students, as active learners, will develop the willingness to inquire into subjects, and thus experience the joy of learning.