Transportation Busing

School bus transportation to and from school is arranged through a local bus company and parents pay fees that vary based on the distance from their home to the school school. The bus company will make every effort to drop your child off as close to your apartment as possible, however sometimes it is necessary to pick up/drop off a group of children at a designated point to reduce the traveling time for all students on the bus.

Parents must be waiting for their child at the designated point and at the designated time. Parents may also elect to drop off and pick up their child from school themselves. Parents who are planning to send their child home from school with someone other than themselves, must contact the school beforehand to ensure the safety of the child.

School Meals

The school has engaged LSG Sky Chefs to provide lunch all students. Day students should ensure that they eat breakfast before coming to school and Kindergarten and Primary students should bring a snack with them to eat in the morning. A light snack is provided for all Kindergarten children each afternoon.

Boarding school students are also served breakfast and dinner in the school cafeteria. There is a deli open on the campus throughout the school day and in the evening where students, parents, or staff can buy a variety of snack items.



The most successful schools enjoy strong parental involvement and support. Children like to know that their parents care about what they are learning and that they are willing to help the school achieve its goals.

Parents who wish to volunteer in the school can contact the administration to find out more about the opportunities available and the responsibilities of being a volunteer in the school.