content-school-01upper primary  Grades 4-6

The students in the upper primary classes take an active role in their learning. An emphasis on balanced literacy aids students in further developing their language skills. They have opportunities to improve their reading, writing and communication abilities through different comprehension strategies each month. These strategies help them become aware of the essential skills necessary to access and interpret information both within the classroom and the world outside. Numeracy is also a strong focus within our division. Students learn to understand math as a process rather than just an operation.

Emphasis on the use of different strategies to solve a problem are highlighted to help encourage development of logic and reasoning. An inquiry-based learning approach is utilized throughout the various subjects with careful guidance given by the educators. Through the inquiry process, students learn how to plan, retrieve, interpret and communicate their learning in unique ways. Field trips into the community are also taken to help students better understand the relevance of their learning, and make real world connections. Throughout the division, the educators aim to inspire self-directed, life long learners that are able to thinking critically as caring, global citizens.

Mandarin Program

All students from Pre-Kindergarten Preparation to Grade 6 take Mandarin lessons based on their ability. Students in the fluency-based Mandarin class learn at an advanced level while students in the second language program learn Chinese at a functional level.

Occasionally teachers will offer additional language lessons as an extra-curricular activity.