Student Admissions Policy

Overseas Applicants

Conditional acceptance maybe be granted based upon previous student progress reports, but an admissions interview will be required once the student reaches Sanya.

Parents needing further information are encouraged to contact the school at +86-898-88689789.


Students currently attending a school in Sanya will not be considered for enrolment for the current school year after March 31. After March 31, acceptance will only be for the subsequent school year commencing in September.

Admissions Acceptance

Accepted students are required to confirm their enrollment by paying a deposit according to the current Fee Schedule within ten days.

Admissions and Placement

Below is a table outlining the age requirements for our students entering the local section of the school.

Grade Age as of August 31
Pre-Kindergarten Preparation 2
Pre-Kindergarten 3
Junior Kindergarten 4
Senior Kindergarten 5
Grade 1 6
Grade 2 7
Grade 3 8
Grade 4 9
Grade 5 10
Grade 6 11
Grade 7 12
Grade 8 13
Grade 9 14
Grade 10 15

In the International section, ages may vary slightly. Students must provide reports from their previous school that indicate the last grade completed to be considered for a grade placement outside these guidelines.

For more information please see our Admissions Policy and our Student Placement Policy.