We Aim to Teach Students:

  1. Judgement
    Students tackle ambiguous problems that may have more than one correct answer. Judgement is not mere preference, but rather the ability to justify choices. Good judgement requires good reasoning abilities.
  2. Critical thinking
    Openly criticizing ideas and enjoying the nuances of critical thought are an important part of learning. Courage to advance new viewpoints should be encouraged at an early age.
  3. Meaningful Literacy
    Cultivating multiple forms of literacy and intellect, which not only include reading, writing, speaking, and numeracy, but also cultural literacy in music, visual arts, dance and movement.
  4. Collaboration
    Students are given many opportunities to learn to work with others collectively, cooperatively and harmoniously. This is especially important in a culturally diverse student population such as ours. The process of collaboration and empathy gives birth to new ideas and develops social skills.
  5. Service
    Students learn the value of citizenship by contributing to the society. Schooling is much more than attaining individual achievement intended to serve one’s own personal ambitions. TIS values the importance of developing socially responsible students who are willing to make a difference in their community.