About SLS


Sanya Language  SCHOOLNursery to Grade 12

  • The SLS program program provides a bilingual education for children from kindergarten to Grade 12. Students receive half of their day’s instruction in Chinese, and half of their day’s instruction in English from certified teachers who are native speakers. The curriculum follows the United States Common Core standards with strong ESL support to help students fully engage in the content.
  • SLS-K serves children from 30 months until they attend first grade. Children receive instruction and care both from local Chinese teachers and native English speakers.
  • SLS Grades 1-9 provides children with a top quality education both in English and in Chinese, with the focus moving away from ESL as children progress through the program.
  • In the SLS high school program, the focus is on preparing students to attend college abroad, with a stronger focus on English instruction in the content areas of English, Math, Science and social Studies.